Overcoming the 3 Top Marketing Automation Challenges

Every job comes with its challenges. Some people’s jobs are even dedicated to solving challenges for other professionals. The IT department is there to streamline computer usage; HR operates to ensure employee satisfaction and marketing helps makes the sales team’s job a little easier. It was marketing professionals that turned to technology for help in assisting their efforts.

Marketing automation platforms (MAP) significantly reduced the manual labor it takes to promote emails, social posts and other inbound marketing collateral. Features of these tools helped scheduling problems, analytics issues and integration with other business technology.

Although MAPs have evolved to fit certain needs, there are still a few issues plaguing marketers using marketing automation. A recent survey revealed the challenges marketers face even while still using MAPs.

Here we provide some insight about those marketing automation challenges and propose some solutions to overcome them, getting marketers back to executing their goals.

Data Quality and Management

Data quality and management are at the top of the list of marketing automation challenges faced by marketers. With 30% and 23% respectively concerned about these two features, it’s clear the influx of data can be overwhelming if a MAP can’t adequately handle data. Half of marketers are rightly concerned with data hygiene because a lack of accurate, up-to-date and complete information leads to more time managing and interpreting analytics.

The solution is finding a MAP that helps you make sense of your data. This is where research before implementation goes a long way. There are many platforms available that are addressing data accuracy and availability. Once you find the MAP that clearly defines, categorizes and provides relevant data for your marketing efforts, you can begin to make sense of these analytics, use them to your advantage and integrate them with other marketing initiatives like social media.

Lack of Time and Budget

In response to the question, “What’s preventing advanced marketing?” 40% of MAP-using marketers, answered lack of budget, just behind the 45% who answered lack of time. These are two problems many organizations face, but it is particularly hindering to a B2B marketing team. It often seems there are not enough hours in a day or dollars in the budget to complete all the tasks needed.

Although these are concerns from MAPPERS, those are the very things a MAP should be solving. Scheduling features reduce the time marketers are spending sending out posts and gives them more time to create thoughtful and successful content. An advocacy feature is a free way of promoting products and services with the help from internal workforce. And the analytics of marketing efforts and social media planning provides concrete proof of ROI, which should optimize budget, not drain it.

As marketing automation platforms become more sophisticated and tailored to marketers needs, they shouldn’t face these challenges as often. In the meantime, they can implement a platform that has all the capabilities for making their jobs easier.

Source: http://www.oktopost.com/

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