7 Google AdWords Features You Probably Aren’t Using, But Should Be

Google AdWords features are loaded with potential — and if you haven’t explored the platform’s latest features, then you’re probably missing out on opportunities to improve your advertising performance. Hundreds of new features launched over the past couple years, and there’s a good chance you missed a few of them.

In this article, we’ll review seven AdWords features you should consider testing in your ad campaigns.

1. Google AdWords Editor

First things first — learn about the Google AdWords editor. Thanks to this tool, you can download all of your campaign data to your desktop hard drive and make all kinds of adjustments without the lag from page loads or slow connection speeds. It’s especially handy if you’re dealing with several campaigns or accounts at once.

When finished, just upload your data back into AdWords. It’s as if you were working online the entire time. This tool won’t single-handedly improve the performance of your campaigns, but it can certainly boost your productivity.

2. Ad Customizers

Including details about sales and limited-time offers is a great way to drive interest in your AdWords ads. Few things are more motivating than the thought of missing out. However, including this information in your ad copy used to be a tedious (and sometimes monumental) chore. Counting down with a limited-time offer meant manually updating your ads on a daily basis; large store-wide sales meant writing unique ad copy to match every discounted product.

Fortunately, Google unleashed its Ad Customizers. These tools allow advertisers to dynamically change ad copy according to certain conditions. If your ad mentions a limited-time sale, simply list an end date in the Ad Customizer tool and the countdown will be automated.

The Ad Customizers tool saves a ton of time while helping your ad stand out from the competition.

3. Callout Extensions

Experienced marketers are familiar with sitelink extensions, but many people aren’t yet familiar with callout extensions. A callout extension is an extra line of text that appears beneath ad copy and above sitelink extensions. Unlike sitelinks, callout extensions are not hyperlinked; it’s simply a chance to double-down on product benefits and customer incentives.

For maximum impact, try using callout extensions along with sitelink extensions. Your ad will be 20 percent taller if both extensions appear, and that can attract eyeballs and boost clickthrough rates.

4. Website Call Conversions

Want to learn how many phone calls you get as a result of your Google ads? Until recently, that wasn’t possible from within AdWords — you could only track calls when visitors clicked on the click-to-call extension button. If the extension didn’t show, or if visitors clicked through to your website before calling, then their phone calls wouldn’t be tracked as AdWords conversions.

That has changed, thanks to Website Call Conversions. With this feature, you can dynamically place a Google forwarding number on your website that will keep track of phone calls from your ads. Setting up this feature is fairly simple, although you’ll need to place a piece of JavaScript code on webpages where you want your forwarding number to appear. Anyone with web development experience can handle this easily.

Source: http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/

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