10 Direct Response Copy Rules to Live By

ollow these rules, and you’ll increase your response

Break these rules, and your response will suffer the consequences.

Here are the 10 Direct Response Copy Rules to Live By:

  1. Have you removed all references to “We think” or “our company believes”? Remember, your prospects don’t care what you think. They only care about what they need.


  1. Do your materials anticipate and answer your prospect’s questions? Write your copy as if you were face to face with your prospects and anticipating their questions.


  1. Do your materials anticipate and answer your prospect’s objections? An objection is often a question. One way to turn a potential negative into an advantage is with a question-and-answer format.


  1. Can you relate your product or service to items in the news? Be careful to make sure it is timely and relevant to your product and its benefits.


  1. Have you stuck to the facts? Exaggeration can diminish your credibility and hurt your response rate.

Keep Calm Follow These Tips

  1. Is the type large enough to be easily read? Body text should be at least 12 point, but with our country’s aging population, I recommend nothing less than 13-point type.


  1. Have you proven why your product or service is unique? Use credible evidence to convince your customers why they should do business with you instead of your competitors.


  1. Have you defined your Unique Selling Proposition at the start, and reinforced it in the middle and at the end? This is what sets you apart—make sure it weaves through your entire message.


  1. Are all the benefits of your product or service clearly explained? Show how you will help your prospects solve their problems or enhance their lives.


  1. Do your materials position your company as an authority with a solution to your target’s worst problem? Make it clear that you are the obvious resource to meet your prospect’s needs.

So …

Do your current marketing materials pass this test? Are they making you as much money as they possibly can?

If so, congratulations.

Source: http://www.cdmginc.com/

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