Adidas Partners with Digital Agency to Tone Brand

The second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world has a new game plan.

Adidas has partnered with a digital agency AllTogetherNow to create a “Consumer Engagement Content Playbook.” The guide will act as a foundation for the German-based company’s consumer engagement teams to market stories that compel the customer and define the core values of Adidas. The goal is to enhance the personalized experience for the consumer by rewarding them with relevant and entertaining content.

“[The aim was] to find a way to unify and optimise all the content in the consumer and engagement space,” Steve Parker, managing director at AllTogetherNow,” told The Drum.

It’s been twelve years since Adidas and Nike have been neck and neck in the market capitalization race. Since then, the margin between the two companies has widened to a staggering $69 billion as of 2015 (Nike: $86.2bn; Adidas: $17.1bn), according to sneaker data company Campless.


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